Lyzabeth Lopez

Lyzabeth Lopez is a health and fitness guru. She owns fitness franchise called The Hourglass Workout, which is designed for women to build round firm glutes, lean toned arms and legs, a narrow fit waistline while eating holistically for a sexy figure . She is a certified personal trainer, aerobics & gymnastics instructor, professional dancer, and cheerleader and a role model and celebrity in the world of fitness.

Lyzabeth has over 100 certifications in fitness completing education in kinesiology, health science, holistic nutrition, personal training, advanced pilates, sport kettle bell, and Olympics lifts to name a few. With numerous editorials, features and covers in fitness magazines and television, Lyzabeth has a large following of fitness enthusiasts dedicated to learning how to get fit with her. She has trained over 3000 athletes and also trains a large number of celebrities, models and actors. Lyzabeth is also a PRO Fitness Competitor turned judge and athlete trainer. She has established herself as one of the top trainers in Fitness Competition Stage Preparation. In addition to that she is known world-wide for her signature strut and works with fitness and runway models to help them create one too.

Lyzabeth believes in inspiring women to love their bodies and curves. As a teenager developing into a woman, Lyzabeth hated her curves and thighs and almost died from eating disorders. She’s learned so much through her own experience and now she shares her wealth of knowledge with woman on how to get a healthy, fit body while eating real food. Her has a “no diet” philosophy which means no counting calories and no diet foods. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Lyzabeth teaches her clients how to decrease sugar cravings, bloating stomachs and feel better by learning to eat. With a passion for nutrition and fitness, online training programs and in-person programs, Lyzabeth has has transformed lives worldwide.

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