Eb Reinbergs is the Founder of Three60Legal Lawyers and Notaries Public.

Three60Legal is a full service law firm offering a range of practice areas to meet the growing demands of our clients. Threee60Legal Lawyers provide top quality legal services in all areas of the law including:

– Business Law
– Class Action Lawsuits
– Copyright Law
– Corporate Commercial Law
– Criminal Law
– Employment Law
– Entertainment Law
– Estate Law
– Family Law
– Franchise Law
– Immigration Law – Canada
– Immigration Law – United States
– Insurance Law
– Intellectual Property
– Litigation
– Medical Malpractice
– Notary Public Services
– Patent Law
– Pension Law
– Personal Injury Law
– Real Estate Law
– Securities Law
– Tax Law
– Trademarks
– Transportation Law
– Trust Law
– Workers’ Compensation Law

Entertainment Law Division:

Three60Legal’s Entertainment Law division includes but is not limited to:
– Copyright & Trademarks
– National Tour Deals
– Recording Contracts
– Songwriting/Publishing Contracts
– Sponsorship Contracts
– Partnership/Band Agreements
– Promoter/Agency Deals
– Film and TV Production Contracts

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